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Creativity with VJ Anand, Head of Creative at VaynerMedia APAC

In this episode we speak with VJ Anand, Head of Creative at Vaynermedia APAC to discuss what it takes to stand out in a sea of sameness, and to get people to remember your brand. VJ speaks about the importance of having a personality for a challenger brand, and how to work with founders or owners to have a space to experiment and find their secret weapon.

Startup Growth with Steven Kalifowitz, CMO of crypto.com

Steven Kalifowitz shares lessons learned growing tech startups in New York and now globally from Hong Kong, why aligning your marketing to your product's adoption cycle is crucial, why no-one will help you without a good story, and the importance of reach and frequency for startup growth.

Messaging, Altitude and Ladders

In this episode we talk about how to use messaging to bridge the gap between positioning and creative execution. We discuss the challenges of balancing long term, emotional, brand messaging with short term, functional, product messaging and introduce useful examples for figuring out what your messaging should look like.

Targeting & Media

How do you translate strategy into action? In this episode we discuss targeting, the importance of media neutrality, measuring return on investment, how to test & learn effectively and challenges with attribution.

Team Structure for Startup Growth

What capabilities should startups build internally vs. outsource externally? What should you look for in early vs. later hires? How do you balance the tradeoff between time and cost? In this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of investing vs. spending on marketing growth at different stages of startup growth.

Brainstorming and Creative Problem Solving

What's interesting about a frog? What do ninjas have to do with creativity? What did you and partner end up doing while in Mexico? In this episode, we discuss the importance of challenging existing assumptions and learning how to spot great ideas, share useful creative techniques such as forced connections, writing press releases and good old wishful thinking.

Goal Setting and Creativity

Bridging the gap between strategy and execution requires realistic, measurable and actionable goals. But how do you do that under uncertainty? In this episode we look at how to build the right habits for the long term while working your way back from commercial outcomes to realistic goals in the short term, the importance of writing down your goals, how to translate them effectively to into action, and how best to work with creative people.

Good Strategy Bad Strategy with Riku Vassinen

Our special guest, Riku Vassinen shares his insights on what makes strategy good (or bad), why "being agile" is not really a strategy, his 4A framework for crafting winning strategies and the importance of setting guiding policies for startups.

The Art and Science of Positioning

Positioning helps to frame the conversation around and shape the perception of your brand. In this episode, we discuss great (and not very good) examples of positioning, what it means for startups to "pick an enemy", what makes a good positioning statement and whether Finnish or Swiss chocolate is better.

Customer Research Tips & Techniques

Research is the fundamental first step in building a solid strategy. In this episode, we discuss keeping an open mindset, uncovering recurring themes and validating hypotheses using qualitative and quantitative techniques, using social social media, buying research, integrating NPS with customer support and more!

Perceptions and Reality of Marketing

What's the role of marketing in startups and big companies? What can you learn from your most loyal customers? Why is digital marketing "too easy"? How does pricing shape customer perceptions? In this episode, we answer these fundamental questions about the role of marketing in startups and discuss loyalist research, pricing and distribution.

Brand Strategy for Startups

What does having a brand strategy mean for a startup? Should startups have a "brand purpose"? When and how should startups start thinking about investing in building their brands?

Strategy & Sourdough Trailer

What's the right balance between strategy & execution? What can you learn from the wisdom of big brands while staying nimble? This new podcast by Onur and Tuomas helps startups achieve profitable growth and build lasting brands.

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