B2B Relationships with Lars Bjorge, The Scale Factory

Will the world become a better place with my product? In this episode we explore this question, and other key factors of B2B marketing for startups. Our guest, Lars Bjorge, speaks about his mental model around building B2B Enterprise relationships, and outlines examples from companies on how they overcame scepticism and his go to market framework of cold, warm and x factor. With B2B marketing, relationships are everything. But how do you build them? Tune in and find out!
Lars Bjorge is a digital marketing and digital ventures pioneer with well over 20 years of experience. Having started and sold a digital marketing agency in Norway, Lars has spent 9 years in China working in digital media, and is now the co-founder of The Scale Factory in Singapore that helps disruptive tech brands grow into Asia, with a focus on Enterprise B2B. Lars is also an Angel investor, investing both privately and through The Scale Factory.


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