Marketing Strategy with Deborah Goldingham

If you couldn't fail, what would you do? Deborah Goldingham, Regional Head of Marketing at PageGroup, and one of APAC's TOP50 CMOs, shares this mental models on risk taking, explains why bureaucracy and ticking boxes kills brands and her approach to bringing brands to life. She explains how startups can exercise their creative muscles by focusing on customer needs and learning to become aware of blind spots. Don't miss this insights-packed episode!
Deborah Goldingham is one of the top CMO's in APAC. She is currently the Regional Head of Marketing for APAC at Page Group. She has previously held senior marketing, product and commercial roles at Amazon Web Services, American Express, Visa, and Mastercard, where she spent over 16 years working in impactful roles across APAC. Debbie believes redefining customer experiences and interactions with brands, and that when the voice of the customer is at the heart of every strategy, you can move mountains.

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