Startup Growth with Steven Kalifowitz, CMO of

Steven Kalifowitz shares lessons learned growing tech startups in New York and now globally from Hong Kong, why aligning your marketing to your product's adoption cycle is crucial, why no-one will help you without a good story, and the importance of reach and frequency for startup growth.
Steven Kalifowitz is the Chief Marketing Officer at As an Emmy award winning producer, juror and speaker at industry events including SXSW and Cannes Lions, he has seen it all. From producing shows at HBO to advising big brands at Twitter, from launching a tech startup in NYC and now growing, he candidly shares his perspective on marketing, brand building and startup growth. Highlights from the episode:
  • Investing in brand before having product market fit is a distraction and it will literally kill you.
  • Software isn't about an end-product, it's about a process.
  • The exclusivity inherent to leveraging “traditional” media helps communicate trust. 
  • Digital banners are like taxi tops, all about reach and frequency, not just clicks. 
  • The myth of build it and they will come.

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